Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kimiko Gunn

I bought Tina Tanaka, aka Agent Kimiko Gunn, a few months ago off of Evilbay.  I didn't immediately connect with her the way I thought I would... I have seen so many adorable photographs of her around the Interwebs... I automatically assumed I would be able to style and photograph her beautifully as well.  But, alas, the first few photographs I took of her just didn't turn out too well... we just weren't connecting.  Then, I really hit my stride with her the past few days of photographing her.  It all seemed to come together when I put her in the cute outfit in the first picture.  Here are a few shots I think turned out pretty well.

In the first photograph, Kimiko is wearing:
Top: Katniss Everdeen Barbie
Skirt: Dynamite Girls - London Calling TJ
Jewelry: Barbie

In the last 2 photographs, Kimiko is wearing:
Jacket: Stardoll Fallen Angel
Hat: Only Hearts Club
Jewelry: Barbie

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