Saturday, September 28, 2013

Darla Close Up

Darla Close Up by DollsinDystopia
Darla Close Up, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.


Spectra by DollsinDystopia
Spectra, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

No new photos for awhile.... (still too sore to pick up the camera) but I'm finding a few older pics that I never processed or published for some reason or another so I'm working on a few of those.  Hopefully I'll be up and at 'em again soon!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Off the Grid...

... but just for a little while.  And I got some AWESOME new Orcara miniatures in the mail today so I'm super excited to get well and get back behind the camera!

- DollsinDystopia

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour by DollsinDystopia
Cocktail Hour, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

I am loving the versatility of this room/furniture!  The rug came today and it fits perfectly.  It's actually a mouse pad!  There is a whole line of them by Lextra called "MouseRugs".  I'll definitely be buying more of these!!!


Frankie by DollsinDystopia
Frankie, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

All Dressed Up….

All Dressed Up…. by DollsinDystopia
All Dressed Up…., a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

Beware of Favors Asked with a Smile

Stone Cold Love

Stone Cold Love by DollsinDystopia
Stone Cold Love, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

le sigh

le sigh by DollsinDystopia
le sigh, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.
A couple more coming tonight.... pre-surgery jitters. ;o)

Short Break....

So... I am taking what I hope will only be a short break from posting to have surgery tomorrow and spend a night or two in the hospital.  I'll have my computer with me, however, the hospital doesn't provide the best lighting or environment for photographing my dolls.  ;o)  

Hopefully I'll be back up and at it in the next few days to a week.  Until then... happy dolling!!!

- DollsinDystopia


Delilah by DollsinDystopia
Delilah, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

SIS Chandra

SIS Chandra by DollsinDystopia
SIS Chandra, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

The Confrontation

The Confrontation by DollsinDystopia
The Confrontation, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Dating 2 women at once is dangerous.... especially in a small town!

Safety First, Fashion Second

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Plan - Part 2

So in the midst of recovering/getting ready for my next surgery, I was able to get "The Plan - Part 2" shot and finished!  YAY!

So I present to you "The Plan - Part 2".... picking up after Venus and Abbey have decided to sneak out to the new bar, "The Full Moon", on a school night.  

Dedicated to my niece and nephew... because even though sometimes life isn't fair, sometimes that's for your own good.  <3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can I Borrow This Book?

The Comforts of Home

The Comforts of Home by DollsinDystopia
The Comforts of Home, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

Ooshy Squooshy Lovey Love

So what's a girl to do when she has crushing insomnia due to post-surgical pain?  She photographs and writes a short doll story vignette!  That's what!  Tomorrow (or actually today) is my partner's birthday.  So this is dedicated to him.... the most loving, adoring and wonderful man on the planet.  

I present to you Ooshy Squooshy Lovey Love.... and I hope you have some equally ooshy, squooshy, sappy and loveable moments in your day, too! :o)


- DollsinDystopia

THE BACKSTORY: Dani is a talented photographer whose work is starting to get some real traction in the fashion world.  She has just arrived back home after a 2 week trip to France to shoot a series of fashion shows.  Very career-making and very exciting... Shortly after arriving home, she is visited by Tristan, the yummy morsel she has been dating for the past 2 months.  While she is terrified to vocalize it, her feelings for Tristan are strong and she really hopes the relationship will progress to the next level.   
THE SCENE: Dani's bedroom in her East Village apartment.

Tristan: "So Dani.... two weeks in France!  Wow!  How was it?  Talk to me!"

Dani: "It was amazing, Tristan.  I feel like my work is being taken seriously and this really may be my big break into the world of fashion photography! But how about you?  How was life back here in the Village?"

Tristan: "Now that you mention it... I had a pretty interesting 2 weeks myself.  I came to a pretty important realization while you were gone...  Dani - I love you and I missed you so much it hurt.  I can't and won't pretend I don't either."

Tristan: "And.... you look speechless.  Say something.  ANYTHING."

Dani: "Not speechless... just unbelievably happy!  I love you, too... and I missed you something awful.  I hope you brought your toothbrush."  ;o)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's All in the Details....

Just wanted to talk a bit about one of my new diorama projects that was included in this photograph (and also in a recent MH photo here on the blog....)  Notably the "corkboard" you can see in this shot:

I absolutely CAN NOT take credit for this incredibly ingenious idea.  I saw something similar on someone's Etsy shop and it made my little brain spin for hours.  Just the shear genius of it.  Let's face it - dioramas are only as good as the elements that comprise them.  And while furniture is key - it's the little things that really make a good diorama stick out.  I have learned that time and again from the gifted doll photographers both here on blogspot and on Flickr.  Some of them create dioramas you would SWEAR were real living quarters.  I remain in awe every time I see some of these photographers post new photographs filled with all of the little things in life that make these photos feel - let's face it - REAL. 

Since 1/6 scale items can be so expensive, I try to draw deep from within my very shallow crafty waters to create as much content as I can.  I'm on a limited budget - but that doesn't mean I can't fill my dioramas with incredibly lifelike pieces. E.g. the corkboard (bulletin board) on the wall here.  I can't tell you how easy (and fun) this was to make.  Here's the breakdown:

I went to Michael's recently and they had (as they often do) a sale on their scrapbook pages.  And low and behold - there were sheets of cork on sale for less than $1/sheet!  I cut the piece into smaller, 1/6 scale pieces (with TONS left over for future projects) and then set to work to find items I had on hand to put on it.  Turns out, I had everything I needed right here at home!  Some time ago I found a site with 1/6 scale printables that is permanently bookmarked on my computer.  So many fun things.... I'll try to find a link and post it here.  From that page I was able to make the notebook paper and the passport hanging on the board!  Then I included a few stickers - including the clipboard, which I had purchased ages ago in the scrapbooking section of Target.  I have learned to keep my eye open for anything that can be used in 1/6 scale.  And once you open your eyes to the possibilities, you truly start to think "outside of the box."  So while the corkboard was easy to create, CHEAP, and is a very small detail in the grand scheme of things, I think it really adds a lot to the photograph. 

I love that with a little creativity and crafty thinking, the world is truly your oyster in creating 1/6 scale items that are affordable and easy to make. 

Now back to the "studio"!!!

- DollsinDystopia


Dani by DollsinDystopia
Dani, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.
I haven't done a lot with my more recent DG girls since I got them - mostly because they are slightly taller than the older DG dolls (and can sometimes make it more difficult to create tight-spaced diorama scenes for me)... but I do love them dearly. They are incredibly beautiful and well-made dolls. Dani is my favorite. (Sssssh! Don't tell!) I think it's that main of gorgeous black hair. :o)

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum by DollsinDystopia
The Inner Sanctum, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.
Home from surgery and feeling tender, but okay! Yay! I plan to distract myself by doing a storm of photos over the next week until surgery #2....

Sisters of the Nightmare

Midnight Escape

Midnight Escape by DollsinDystopia
Midnight Escape, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jett White

Jett White by DollsinDystopia
Jett White, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

Cross Country

Cross Country by DollsinDystopia
Cross Country, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

The Plan - Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2-part Monster High storyline involving Venus and Abbey.  Part 2 may take awhile to go live, as I am embarking on a not-so-fun medical odyssey tomorrow and don't know how much my recovery will impact my photography and diorama set-up abilities.  You may need to click on the images and scroll through to read the text.  Otherwise, enjoy the monstery madness.  :o)



At the Beach (3)

Beach 1 by DollsinDystopia
Beach 1, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

At the Beach (2)

Beach 2 by DollsinDystopia
Beach 2, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.

At the Beach (1)

Beach 3 by DollsinDystopia
Beach 3, a photo by DollsinDystopia on Flickr.